SKD of guitar amp and effect pedal


If you want to avoid higher import taxes, to receive tax preferences for providing local manufacturing jobs, or even to be considered as a bidder at all (for example, in public transit projects with "buy national" rules). The import tax on a complete amp is higher than on kits.

If you want reduce the cost of shipment, sometime, the cost of shipment is even more than cost of goods. It will make your products difficult to compete with others. If you want a special design of your productions and doní»t like other people copy, so you want make this part self and protect your secret.

You can select SKD way to order your amp and stomp box. A knock-down kit (also styled knockdown kit, knocked-down kit, or simply knockdown, and sometimes abbreviated KD) is a kit containing the parts needed to assemble a product. The parts are typically manufactured in one country or region, then exported to another country or region for final assembly.

The SKD service, provided by KLD Guitar to clients who wanted OEM/ODM, includes all parts of amp except case, PT ( Power Transform), OPT(Out Put Transform) and PCB installed components were fitted onto chassis, with control knobs, jacks etc. The only thing clients need do: design special case and one logo of yours, then push the assembled kits into case.

Certainly clients can select any parts of amp. The amp is divided by different modules. Clients can make any module by self, such as replacement of tube. All assembled kits are adjusted and tested according to the QC standard of complete amps.

KLD Guitar has successfully produced and exported many SKD kits of tube guitar amps and effect pedals to the USA and to Europe since 2007. Based on four years' of rich experiences and accumulated resources, we've been constantly improving our expertise in packing and shipping. Those valuable experiences with many partners in different markets will guarantee your satisfaction whenever you send us your SKD orders.

Besides the variety of products, proven efficient Quality Control Systems, well-managed prompt shipment, KLD Guitar provides our customers the full range of reliability, unrivalled, and value-added professional services and substantial modern manufacturing facilities to efficiently satisfy OEM/ODM requirements.

Based on our 100% in-house R&D and manufacturing of all the main parts, we manufacture our ready-to-sell models for you as well as customize any specifications as per your requests


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