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KLDguitar Service Policy


All requests for servicing of KLDguitar products should be made with an authorised KLDguitar dealer.

Non Warranty

For service to KLDguitar products outside the 12 month warranty period, please contact your nearest KLDguitar dealer. If the dealer employs the services of a technician, then the necessary repair work may be undertaken by the dealer locally. If the dealer has no suitable service facilities or if you require the work to be carried out by the authorised KLDguitar service department, the dealer will arrange for the unit to be returned to KLDguitar's head-quarters for service. If required, a quotation service is available prior to any work commencing.

Warranty Service

Servicing of KLDguitar products under warranty should be arranged through the KLDguitar dealer from whom the KLDguitar product was purchased. Your KLDguitar dealer will arrange for your product to be returned to KLDguitar and serviced by the KLDguitar service department. Every effort will be made to ensure the fastest possible repair time. Where product is returned to KLDguitar under warranty, a warranty claim can not be considered or accepted until the product has first been inspected by the KLDguitar service department or an authorised representative of KLDguitar Ltd.

The warranty does not cover:
(1) Damage from physical abuse such as dropping the unit or impact from hard objects.
(2)Damage due to liquid contamination.
(3) Damage resulting from any use other than that it was intended for.
(4) Any unit that has been repaired or had an attempted repair made to it by unauthorised personnel.
(5)Damage due to incorrect connection, connection to faulty equipment or connection to faulty or incorrect power supplies.
(6)Damage in transit as a result of inadequate packaging or protection.
(7)Damage to packaging including instrument/flight cases.
If goods are returned without prior written authorisation, an administration charge may be raised.

Carriage is chargeable on all non warranty work and on warranty work that has been returned as a result of incorrect operation.

All quotations and charges are subject to VAT at the current rate

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