OEM /ODM /SKD Sell Your Own Amp Brand


Start your own business with KLD Guitar's OEM, ODM and SKD programs

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Program:

  1. 1. Send us your logo artwork in a CAD or CorelDraw file.

  2. 2. We replace our logo with your logo.

  3. 3. When we finish the prototype, we'll take photos and send for your confirmation.

  4. 4. Upon confirmation, we'll ship the prototype to you for final inspection.

ODM (Original Design Manufacture) Program:

  1. 1. Send us your schematic or circuit layout and your logo artwork in a CAD or CorelDraw file.

  2. 2. We'll manufacture the guitar amplifiers and place your logo onto the finished product.

  3. 3. When we finish the prototype, we'll ship it to you to examine.

  4. 4. Once tested and approved, the unit can be further modified (if necessary) to suit your needs.

Note: Developing new amplification and effects products is a complicated process that takes considerable time and money. We ask your patience.


Assembled kits Program:

  1. 1. Order any part of any amp or effect pedal we make, at almost any stage of assembly (for example, order the entire amplifier as a kit of sub-assembled components, including power transformers, output transformers, and "populated" PCBs already installed into a chassis).

  2. 2. Design your own custom-branded cabinet or case and logo.

  3. 3. Final-assemble everything.

Note: The Assembled Kits Program is undoubtedly the most profitable approach for many businesses because (a) it's much easier (and much less expensive) for you to design and build an attractive cabinet or case that fits our chassis and boards, than to design an amp or a pedal, and (b) our assembled kits are tweaked and tested according to the same rigorous Quality Control standards as our fully assembled amplifiers and effects pedals. (C) Certifications: you can obtain CE , C-tick certifications KLDguitar had, at same time.

Do we accept trial orders?
Most certainly. You can order one or two units as test samples before we start the production run on your order. The price of a trial order is the same as the wholesale price of each unit.

How do we ship amplifiers?
By DHL, UPS or TNT When the weight of a package is between 1kg and 45kg, it is better to use DHL, UPS or TNT. Delivery time is 3 to 5 days, door-to-door. After your amplifiers have been collected from our factory by the carrier, they can be tracked via the carrier's web site. (Note: Due to the high cost of both DHL and UPS, those companies are only selected for shipping sample or trial orders.)

By Air Freight The minimum weight for air freight is 45kg. This means that, even though your goods might weigh less than 45kg, you will be charged for 45kg. Therefore, it is better to ship goods by air freight when the consignment weighs between 45kg to 100kg, The delivery time is 1-2 weeks. Please note that the cost of air freight is subject to change.

By Sea The minimum volume of a consignment by sea is 1 cubic meter. This is by far the least expensive option, but shipment typically takes 15 to 30 days.

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