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KLDguitarFender style Tweed Brown Strip coated
Fender style Vinyl Tolex kldguitar-Black Marshall style Black Vinyl tolex

Marshall style vinyl Tolex

KLDguitar vinyl black tolex
VOX style vinyl Tolex KLDguitar Gibson/Mesa Style Smooth Black vinyl Tolex Gibson style vinyl Tolex

KLDguitar British Style Orange levant vinyl Tolex
British style vinyl Tolex KLD black carbon fiber

Carbon vinyl Tolex

Western vinyl tolex
Western vinyl Tolex KLD-Alligator-vinyl-tolex

Gator vinyl Tolex

Ampeg vinyl tolex
Ampeg Vinyl Tolex

Magic bean vinyl Tolex

KLD vinyl tolex
KLD Vinyl Tolex

This high quality Tolex features includes an interwoven cloth backing for extra toughness. Gives a professional look to stage monitors, amplifier cabinets, racks, cases & covers, or any pro sound equipment. You can make high quality products using our tolex.Not only you are dealers of tolex ,but also you made cabinet self.
Welcome customers purchase other accessories of cabinets such as grill , Handle , corner, feet together. Please contact to us and tell us your needing , we can give you professional suggestions.
Recommend checking real tolex before you start normal order.We will make sample bookings according to your needing( We have about 100 kinds of tolex ,and new kinds of tolex join in continully. It is impossible and unnecessarily to send all to customers).The sample bookings are free, customers only pay for the cost of Express delivery.
1. Why we used 0.7-0.8 mm vinyl tolex covered guitar amp and speaker cabinet ?
Because guitar amp and cabinets were always taken along with player anywhere, surface of cabinets need strong protect. Some people like use 0.3-0.4 mm tolex for lower cost, which is too thinner and easy scratched. We recommend 0.7-0.8mm tolex which can give your cabinet long life .
2. Why our tolex have an interwoven cloth backing tolex?
The interwoven cloth backing tolex will let tolex post on surface of wood easily and firmly. It will let your cabinet high quality.
3. Which glue used to post our tolex on wood?
Any glue non-flammable, Neoprene based, water borne can be used.
4.How much will you need?
Since most guitar cabinets are only about 10 or 12 inches deep the 18" width tolex should give you enough to cover the depth of the cabinet and to wrap around the edges. Measure around your cabinet (top, bottom, left and right sides) then order enough to wrap all the way around in one piece. Don't forget to order enough for the back panel if your cabinet has one. It is your responsibility to measure and order what you need, but here's a general rule of thumb.
*Most 1x10 or 1x12 speaker cabinets or combo amps will require 2 yds of 18" wide material -don't forget to include enough for your back panel if applicable.
*Most 2x12 combos will require 3 yards. of 18" wide material. 24"x36" piece for back panel.
*Most 4x12 cabinets will require 4 yards of 18" wide material, 36"x36" piece for back panel
5.Which width tolex we supply?
KLD supply three width tolex:1.37M(54inch)/0.46m(18inch)/0.91m(36inch 1 yard).Please select width according to our reference upwards

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