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ModelUranus 5HM
The Uranus 5HM is a Class A purpose-built recording head amplifier. A spring reverb provides natural sound. The single-ended Class A valve output stage allows the player to crank up the volume to the desired level-flat-out if necessary - to achieve just the right amount of compression and distortion without the acoustic output becoming annoying. The speaker emulating headphone output lets you practice and record without a speaker cabinet. You no longer have to worry about annoying the wife/flat mates/neighbours and restrict your recording time to moments when everyone is away!
,5 watts (rms) 4,8 ohms
,Tubes:one 6l6(EL34) and two 12AX7's
,Single End Class A
,Toroidal Transformer
,Pentode/triode SW (3/5w)
,Speaker out jacks: 4ohm, 8ohm, 2x8ohm
,Hi-Lo impedance inputs
,Controls: Gain, Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
,Booster/Normal SW
,Bright/Normal SW
,FX loop
,Fully specified speaker emulated output which further enhances the studio credentials and allows any guitarist to get amazing valve tone straight to recording or through headphones
,Spring reverb with control
,XLR out with RED BOX ,Record without speaker cabinet(HMD)
,Foot Switch jack
,Heat dissipated metal enclosure
,Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil
,Connects with 112
36(L)x20(W)x27(H)CM(14.3"x7.9"x10.6") (Unpacked) 60(L)x32(W)x34(H)CM(23.6"x12.6"x13.4")(Packed)
,WEIGHT: 9kg/19.8lbs(Unpacked),14kg/30.8lbs(Packed)
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