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The Kldguitar Classic 20H is perfect for the studio or for any gig where 20 tube watts is more than enough power, but full functionality is required. In order to serve the home studio, we added a Pentode/Triode selection switch. The player can use it at 10w without the sound being affected. Classic Gain and lead channels, both with two modes can take you from warm, clean tube tones to the souped-up threshold of sonic danger. A deep switch adds a resonant bass boost for a meatier bottom end and a Tone Shift scoops out the mid frequencies making it ideal for metal Tones. Reverb controls for each channel let you adjust the reverb to where it¨s needed.

,20 watts (rms) into 16 or 8 ohms
,Tubes: Two EL84s and three 12AX7s
,Pentode/Triode SW(20/10 W)
,2-channel preamp
,Pre- post-gain controls on lead channel
Normal volume control on clean channel
,3-band passive EQs(bass, middle, treble)
,Boost switch
,Footswitch selectable channel switching and reverb(select AUX)
,Speaker output jacks :4,8,16,2x8,2x16 ohm
,DI out(XLR Out)
,Spring Reverb with level control
,FX Loop
,Power transform: 108 watt
,Precise made parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil and polyester military capacitors
,Metal heat-dissipating enclosure.
,Connects with 112.
46(L)x20(W)x27(H)CM(15.7"x7.9"x10.6") (Unpacked) 60(L)x32(W)x34(H)CM(23.6"x12.6"x13.4")(Packed)
,WEIGHT: 11kg/24lbs(Unpacked),14kg/30.8lbs)(Packed)

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