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Like every guitarist, you want to practice daily. And you should. Unfortunately, your guitar and amp sound weak at extremely low volume settings, and cranking the amp to gig levels in your home, apartment or bedroom is often impractical. What you need is an attenuator a device that absorbs some of the cranked amp's energy without affecting its natural qualities of distortion, tone and feel. The AT-100 is KLD Guitar's high wattage attenuator a dream device that provides full control of the output level from your amplifier to your speakers without squashing any of the dynamic feel and tone you've workd so hard to perfect. This totally roadworthy box connects between your amplifier and either one or two cabinets.

. Attenuation : 0dB(Bypass) -3-6-9-12-15 dB
. Level continue attenuation from -15 db -Infinitesimal.
. Line Level adjust . including balance and unblanace line out level adjust .
. Headphone out
. Two steps hearing Compensation : Brightness 1, Brightness 2.
. Speaker ON/OFF, selection of inner dummy load or extern speaker .
. Two speaker out put jacks in parallel, customer can connect one cabinet or two cabinets same time
. Balanced line out (XLR out )
. Unbalanced line out
. Speaker emulation ,red box for speaker emulation .
. Power : +9- +15V DC
¡¤WEIGHT: 2.5kg (1.52 lbs)
(NOTE: Cords from amp and to speakers must be heavy-duty speaker cable with 1/4" phone-type speaker connectors.)

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