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KLDguitar Jack pedal speaker emulation pedal

KLDguitar AT100 Manual

JACK Preamp Effect pedal


Replace your amp with the KLDguitar Jack Preamp Effects Pedal. By default, Jack emulates a guitar speaker, so you can play through headphones (when you want, or have to be quiet) or a stereo speaker or multimedia speaker and still obtain a real guitar amp tone. You no longer need a guitar speaker cabinet when practicing or recording. The player can adjust 'SHIFT' to obtain a wide variety of speaker Tones. Jack incorporates 'Red box Out' enabling the player to record sound through the output to the same quality and texture as recording sound by using a speaker and microphone. Gain control introduces distortion and background music can be mixed in through the Mp3 input. Once you own this pedal, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!


,100% analog circuit
,100% hand made,No SMT
,Bass/Mids/Treble and Mid-Tone Shift EQ
,Approximately 12 db of clean boost
,Excellent Preamp for acoustic guitars,distortion effect by gain control
,For electric guitars, use it like an amp
,AUX input jack mix background music from mp3, Iphone easy
,RED BOX OUT is different to normal balanced out. The sound recorded through red box is the same as recorded through speaker to microphone
,Headphone out with speaker emulator
,Many kinds of speaker emulators, Default is guitar speaker.you can adjust SHIFT to obtain different speaker Freq curve(tone)
,Strong virtually indestructible steel enclosure
,Heavy-duty industrial footswitch
,Inside jacks
,Sloped face for easy stomping
,On/Off LED
,True Bypass design
,Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
,DC jack (power supply sold separately)
,No tools required ; battery compartment (9 volt not included)
,Dimensions:10(W)x7.0(H)x20(L)CM (4"x2.8"x7.9")packed)
,Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs.(packed)

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