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KLD GT5 hand wired amp


KLDguitar KLD-GT5 5W amp Fender style amp class A SE hand wired amp.This guitar amplifier makes small-room sessions lots of fun! A high gain preamp circuit has been added to take the overdrive tone beyond that of the original. There is a choice of high or low gain inputs included. It is the only amp in its class that delivers true tonal range from instantaneous punch to deliciously creamy / crunchy overdrive with precise control of the output volume.


.5w(rms) 4,8ohm
·1x12ax7, 1x6L6(Not included)
.Controls: Pre- , Volume and Tone
·Eyelet board( FR4 board), soldered with high quality components.
,Hi-Lo impedance input
,DI output (XLR Out)
,Single End Class A amp
,Pentode/triode SW (3/5 W)
,Precise parts using for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors,
600V polypropylene film/foil
,Dimension of carton:34 (L)x32(W)x15(H)CM
,Volume weight: 5kg

GT5 Schematic
GT5 Layout
Build Difficulty: Easy ,Upgrade of 5E1
There is NO step-by-step guide. The circuit and layout plan includes all relevant information. If you don't understand it please learn this knowledage at Guidelines and tips for assembling a tube guitar amp .

Price(included cost of Express delivery but not included additional cost of remote area ):
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USD 103(USA, Canada,Asia)
USD 109 ( Europe and Australia)
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Paypal: KLDguitar@yahoo.com
Chassis : zachmdhunter USA and Canada.
Other country: conatct with us if you want our chassis.
Pack: Carton
Shippment: DHL , Fedex
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Please download and watch below instructions before you start assembly
Assembled instructions

Guidelines and tips for assembling a tube guitar amp.
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