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KLDguitar 5E1 amp kits


KLDguitar KLD-5E1 5 W hand wired amp based on tweed Fender Champ 5E1circuit.For many players and amp-o-philes alike, the 5E1 is ground zero for vintage tube amps. The simplicity of this design and part and parcel to that, the purity of its tone make it a universal starting point for the virtues of tube amps et al for many players. As such it's a vintage amp that every guitarist should experience at least once.
The simple toneful circuit allowed the Champ to be the first amplifier assembled by beginners of amp hobbyists. You can learn many useful electronic experience by assembly 5F1 such how to deal with Grounding, how to reduce hum and hiz of amp.


.5w(rms) 4,8ohm
·12ax7, 1x6L6(Not included)
.Controls: Volume
·Turret board( FR4 board), soldered with high quality components.
·Precise parts using for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors,
600V polypropylene film/foil
·DIMENSION:34 (L)x32(W)x15(H)CM (Packed)
·Volume WEIGHT: 5kg (packed)

Price(included cost of Express delivery ):

USD 120 (USA, Canada)  

USD 123 ( Europe and Australia)
Pack: Carton
Shippment: DHL , Fedex
Delivery time: within seven days
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