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kits of Effect pedal

Effects pedals are a great way to get started with electronics. The simplest ones only require some basic skills to assemble. The few parts can be easily obtained, and the minimum of tools required can be purchased quite cheaply. Better still is the gratification from plugging it in for the first time and being able to incorporate a pedal that you made yourself into your music. With the skills you acquire, you can graduate from simple to more complex projects; maybe build an entire pedal board of your own effects. KLDguitar selected several classical effect pedal circuits for effect pedal DIY hobbyists. ou can learn many useful electronic skill by assembling them and know how pedal deal with tone of guitar.

KLD effect pedal Kits Rat

RAT pedal

Distortion effect pedal kits based on RAT .


Delay Effect pedal kits

DL pedal

Delay effect pedal kits based on AD9.


KLD OD effect pedal kits

OD pedal

Overdrive effect pedal based on TS808.


KLD SD03 effect pedal kits

SD03 pedal

Three-In-One distortion effect pedal kits.

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