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Wolfgang: has played guitar for many years as a classic rock cover band guitarist, as well as having played lead guitar for the Bobby Kas & The Redliners Blues Band from 2001 through 2005. For the past five years Wolfgang has been the lead guitarist for The Southern Rock Society Band, playing guitar at many events, such as the Jam-A-Que in Nashville, Tennessee that hosted popular performers such as Rambler, Preacher Stone, and Steve Grisham (The Outlaws), Dan Toler (Allman Bros), and The Don Ray Band featuring Donnie Lee Clark (Pure Prairie League), and many more.
Wolfgang has also promoted and played at many charitable events such as the SPFC Toys in the Sun Run to raise money the Joe Dimaggio Childrens’ Hospital, as well as the Big Bike Riders Association for Chris Evert Childrens’ Hospital in South Florida, USA. These events provide opportunities to play at the same venues as many of his heroes, including Jimmie Van Zant, Charlie Daniels Band, and this year’s event includes David Allen Cole, and Travis Tritt.
His main genre is that Southern Rock style, that is swampy, guitar-filled tasty jams (not necessarily shredding, etc…) and plenty of harmony lines. It is music with a solid groove, and fullness that drives the melody and music, and supports the main theme without being an over the top, bodacious, nor too attention grabbing. Wolf says, "It’s about the music, the gear, and the fun, and “KLD Amplifiers and Gear fill that demanding requirement for the Southern Rock sound”.



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