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/p> Fallen on Faith - A 5 piece Alt Rock/Metal band from Scotland who use a fusion of heavy riffs and catchy choruses to produce a Metal sound that is appealing to anyone within, or outside the metal community! Having just started gigging, the band have quickly gained a large fanbase and at always involved in the process of gigging and writing more material. Having formed in 2011 Fallen on Faith aim to create a unique sound within the genre of Alt-Rock / Metal.

The bands debut EP ‘New Beginning’ showcases Fallen on Faith’s talent for blending heavy music with classic rock style vocals. With melodic hooks from both the vocals and guitar lines prominent throughout.

Several line-up changes early on in the band's career have lead to the band finding the best musicians to work with.

With support from many local fans and musicians Fallen on Faith have already rocked the UK with various shows over 2011 and look forward to the rest of Europe over 2012.

Artist website:http://www.fallenonfaith.co.uk
Artist website:http://facebook.com/fallenonfai

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