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Dave Spencer as Co-Lead Vocalist and guitarist of Iconic Tonic Band ,the rock group that Dave has always dreamed of since that first time he picked up the guitar at 7 years old.A rock band with passion, drive, and one that has no creative barriers. Iconic Tonic signed with Maryland based Jamsync .Music, a label with a strong reputation for developing some of the countries premiere rock talent. Seattle’s renowned mix engineer/producer Deron Daum was brought in at the production helm and the creative process was underway. “Deron was a continual positive force (says Dave), helping the whole band channel our ideas and influences into a record that we are extremely proud of and excited to present to fans across the globe”.DNA Mastering’s Dave Donnelly (Whitesnake, Kiss, Bret Michaels Band, Journey) placed the final touches on the record which has already begun to receive critical acclaim in the USA. The album was released worldwide on February 7th 2012.
Artist website: http://www.iconictonic.com
Record Label website: http://www.jamsyncmusic.com
Management website: http://www.iiientertainment.com

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