I received the amp... I must say, I was quite impressed with it.. It has great tone and would be great in a small club, mic'd up or in the studio... It breaks up nicely and has a good crunch and power.. I took it to a rehearsal and put it up with the Marshalls and Soldano's and it kept up nicely tone wise.. I was using it with a 4x12... I just got it back home and I'm looking forward to digging into a bit more with different speaker set ups etc.. Thank you for sending it to me

Stony Curits USA

I tried it out last night with a 4 x 10 cabinet loaded with Eminence legends using a Les Paul with 500T / R pickups and a strat with Van Zandt blues pickups. I thought it was great and played it for some time. Then I changed the EL84 valves for JJs and the pre amp ones for Sovtek 12ax7WC which are my favourites (the same as I use in my Vox AC30s).?
and then - wow - your amp is remarkable !?
Playing in pentode it was easily loud enough for a small venue and good string separation but switching to triode mode brings out lots of very musical dynamics and overtones (a totally different feel to it). Really like two different amps. ??

Tony Harris U.K


This amplifier is usable as a practice amp as well as a small-studio amp. It is very clean, transparent, and works very well on the Low as well as on the High input setting (3.5W/5W). On the clean setting, pedals work extremely well. By adjusting the Gain and Attenuator (on the back of the unit) dials, you can get a crunchy rhythm sound, as well as an overdriven sound. It also has a Heaphone jack so that the amp can be played while bypassing the speakers for late-night practicing. This amp is very versatile and records extremely well.

BoB Crawford USA


I come back to you with photos of your GT5 kit with a 8 inch speaker. I simply cut the chassis by 2 cm in depth.
I avoided grille cloth and other space taking techniques as you can see on the first picture (some wood work!)
The output transformer is behind the attenuator which I finally decided to build (variable "rotary" models have too much depth). I also choose to use plexiglas as a rear fence.

Denis DIY in Luxembourg

testing the GT5HR with tone stack and 15" spkr...quick job.

here is a rough sample of the gt5 (in picture) recorded on "garage band"(Mac prgrm)



I have tested it with a vox 412 cab, and Im very pleased! It sounds great, specialy on lower distortion settings. The clean channel breaks up fine on higher volume wich is great!

Anders Harnning Sweden

Got the amp. It sounds great. I am going to go through it and let you know what I think could be better but for the price it is a nice amp. Thanks so much. My first experience buying from China I got ripped off. You are easy to deal with.


I have now had my amp for some days I like it very much. It has a nice sound.

Yesterday I finalized the cabinet. It is plywood covered with leather and perforated steel plate in front and rear.
See pic.


This pedal creates a professional overdriven sound that emulates tubes being overdriven in a very natural way. It compares very well with the Boss Super Overdrive SD-1, which has been a staple for lead guitar players in the US for 20 years. The dials are very responsive with Volume, Tone, and Drive options.

BOB Crawford USA

This unit is extremely flexible, clean and crisp in its performance. The addition of Wet Bass and Vibrato switches control were very welcome and convenient features. Used in combination with the LEVEL, DEPTH, and RATE controls, several very usable sounds, including a FLANGE-type effect, can be created. This takes chorusing to a level beyond the usual mode of chorus effects, producing dramatic and wilder ring-modulator types of sounds.

BOB Crawford USA

Hey Pan. Pedals are great.

Allstar music USA


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